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FREE delivery across the Greater Toronto Area*
Call us today! (905) 672-9911
*Orders $200 or more PLUS FREE Gourmet Meat pack with qualifying orders.


Burton Meats first opened its doors in 1992, delivering quality meats to the hospitality industry within the Toronto area.

Founded by husband and wife, Bob and Alberta Rowe, Burton Meats quickly became recognized as a friendly and reliable family business. To this day, Bob and Alberta closely monitor every aspect of their operation, from the preparation of their finest quality meats, to ensuring that every carefully selected cut is hand delivered to the most exclusive restaurants across Southern Ontario.

Bob and Alberta began their operation in a humble 4000 square foot unit, with just one delivery person. Over the following years, as word spread of their quality products and focus on customer service, their business grew to include a team of sales people, a fleet of delivery trucks and head of operations their son, Robert Rowe along with Chad Ryan.

Burton Meats now operates independently out of a new free standing facility.

All of their meats are prepared on site, including a complete selection of cuts of beef, veal, and chicken, as well as their own sausages and hamburgers. The fact that they control every step of the process means that they are also able to satisfy special requests regarding pre-portioning, as well as customized boning and trimming.

The Dry Aging Room, located at the heart of their facility, is why Burton Meats is able to offer such a noticeably finer product. The tradition of dry aging, all but lost in the modern age of large scale meat preparation, allows the product to dry slowly over a period of weeks, causing the excess moisture to escape naturally, in turn concentrating the subtle flavours of the meat. Throughout this time, the meat is monitored with the utmost care, to ensure that highest possible quality product is delivered to their customers.

In 2007, Burton Meats proudly announced the opening of their retail store, located directly in the front of their state of the art facility. Open to the public, this now means that anyone can access the meats that have previously been reserved only for chefs. Furthermore, customers of their retail store enjoy the same wholesale prices that Burton Meats offers to their loyal business customers. Having the store attached to their main building gives Burton Meats the opportunity to offer their complete line of certified premium beef to the public. As with the restaurants they supply, the Rowe Family is happy to extend the same personal service in regards to specific boning requests that chefs enjoy.


Burton Meats looks forward to continuing to serve the food industry, as well as the public, through their ongoing commitment to quality products and the personal attention they offer to each and every one of their valued customers.


We believe that not only must each product meet the industry’s highest quality and safety standards, so too must the entire process that prepares these products. As a result, we have implemented an extensive series of safety measures to ensure that our meats are the safest on the market.

This includes a daily 800° wash of our equipment in conjunction with industry recommended cleaning agents. Every day a pre-op inspection is completed to carefully scrutinize all of the equipment and our facility, to ensure that it is properly sanitized and operating at peak performance. Furthermore, Burton Meats is approved by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. This program systematically routinely examines every stage in the preparation of our products, and protects against an extensive list of potential risk factors. 

We At Burton Meats Consider Food Safety

Our Upmost Priority When Preparing Our Products.