Food Safety

We at Burton Meats consider food safety our upmost priority when preparing our products. We believe that not only must each product meet the industry’s highest quality and safety standards, so too must the entire process that prepares these products. As a result, we have implemented an extensive series of safety measures to ensure that our meats are the safest on the market. This includes a daily 800° wash of our equipment in conjunction with industry recommended cleaning agents. Every day our Federal Inspector carefully scrutinize all of the equipment and our facility, to ensure that it is properly sanitized and operating at peak performance. Furthermore, Burton Meats is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency through their Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) program. This program systematically routinely examines every stage in the preparation of our products, and protects against an extensive list of potential risk factors. Being HACCP approved means that CFIA officially recognizes our exceptional commitment to food safety.